I’ve got a new online course ready to go!

“Create a Discussion Guide for Your Book”

I’m excited to share this practice with authors, editors, publishers, educators, librarians, book clubs, readers, students, and anyone who wants to encourage deeper engagement with a book. In this self-paced course, you will

*Learn the value of book discussion guides to many different consumers of media

*Understand research practices that support your knowledge and abilities to create discussion guides

*Receive tools and a step-by-step plan

*Have the option to share your guides with me/other students.

What’s inside the course?

You will learn all of this in the following SECTIONS:

1. What is a book discussion guide?

2. Typical contents of a book discussion guide.

3. Discussion categories and how to create questions from your book.

4. How and why a book discussion guide will help you and your readers.

5. Downloads of worksheets, student progress journals, infographics, checklists, a resource list, a sample fiction book discussion guide, and a basic book discussion guide template.

Learn the formula once and repeat it for every book you write.

You may or may not have a finished or published book at this point. It doesn’t matter because this formula for construction can be put into action at any stage of a book’s life. It can boost interest in a new book and lengthen the shelf life of an older title because of the way a good book discussion guide adds dimension and interest to a publication. Once you have the process in hand, anyone can go from “how do I extend the life and interest in this book?” to increasing sales and expanding engagement almost indefinitely. What do I mean by “expanding engagement?”

Expanding engagement with a book amounts to ways to keep a book “top of mind” for a reader. There is social media, of course, but a good book discussion guide has the potential to do so much more than posts or even paid online advertising. It works the same for any genre and any writing style because once a reader finishes the last page of your book, you want them to keep thinking about the content, wondering about you, the author, and having ways to delve deeper into the book’s meaning, purpose, construction, and more.

Step-by-step plan.

This course provides a step-by-step action plan about the why, how, when, and what of developing a knockout discussion guide to accompany your books. Even poetry! Every published work has a history, a construction period, and more that readers are eager to learn about. There are multiple printable worksheets, checklists, text lessons, videos, and progress journals throughout the course that will give you the tools to design, create, analyze, and share a discussion guide based on your book. Once you have the formula, it is repeatable for every book you publish.

Follow this link to register. The course is available all the time.


All good things,