BOOKS BY MY FRIENDS: Becoming Lady Washington: A Novel by BETTY BOLTE

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Becoming Lady Washington: A Novel by Betty Bolte

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Welcome to Books By My Friends, Betty! You are such a prolific and popular historical fiction author! It’s wonderful of you to take the time to visit BBMF and chat today.

JH: What’s the blurb for Becoming Lady Washington: A Novel?

BB: Martha “Patsy” Custis manages an immense eighteenth-century plantation in the Virginia colony. But as a young widow she’s hard pressed to balance her business and to care for her two young children. They need a father and protector. She needs a husband and business partner…one she can trust, especially now as tensions rise between the motherland and the American colonies. Her experience and education have sustained her thus far but when her life veers in an unexpected direction, she realizes she has so much more to learn.

JH: What inspired you to write the book?

BB: I wanted to tell Martha Washington’s story, not as a biography but as she might have lived her life. To bring her life and times to life for readers today. She endured so much and witnessed even more that I think most people are totally unaware of. Most readers of Becoming Lady Washington confirm that they learned a lot about her they did not know.

JH: What one thing do you love most about writing?

BB: Learning more about the past and finding creative ways to share what life was like for people in those very different and yet similar times. I feel like although technology and situations may change, much of human nature has not changed all that much. That makes it possible to connect the past and the present through fiction in ways we can’t actually live through in real life.

JH: What’s next for you in the way of writing/publishing?

BB: The last two books in the Fury Falls Inn historical fantasy series release on August 9, 2022. Then it’s on to writing a Christmas historical romance, another historical fiction work, and a short story for an anthology releasing in 2023.

JH: How can readers contact you?


Betty Bolte


Award-winning author Betty Bolté is known for authentic and accurately researched American historical fiction with heart and supernatural romance novels. She’s been published in essays, newspaper and magazine articles, and nonfiction books but now enjoys crafting entertaining and informative fiction. She earned a Master’s Degree in English in 2008, emphasizing the study of literature and storytelling, and has judged numerous writing contests for both fiction and nonfiction. Get to know her at Be sure to check out materials for book club discussions at

JH: Thanks, Betty. It’s been awesome learning about Becoming Lady Washington: A Novel. Please keep us posted on future releases and make time to visit BBMF again soon.

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