Carp Café by Jim White

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Welcome, Jim, to Books By My Friends! So glad you’ve stopped by to give us the details about your latest book Carp Cafe! Let’s go!

JH: What’s the blurb for Carp Cafe?

JW: Master story-teller James W. White is back with a guaranteed good time story set in the surf-side town of Carpinteria, California in the aftermath of the horrific Thomas wildfire. Everyone’s got a bit of PTSD, what with the burning mountains and rising sea levels squeezing the town from all directions. Enter Shelly Friedman, a single, 45-year-old personnel counselor with a drinking problem, blowing into town for a day trip in her classic sixty-four-and-a-half Mustang. She uncovers the hidden past of a slickster named Tom, a guy she has just screened for a job back in LA. Another guy named Tom, a bartender, sparks a passing fancy. They gin up a commemorative cocktail to honor the fire-fighters who saved the town. But the man of the hour is surfer Dave, an aging beach bum who comes to Shelly’s rescue when she runs over the town’s favorite yellow lab. Dave’s in Carpinteria because he’s hiding out from Hell’s Angels. His girlfriend just dumped him, leaving a note in his post office box, and ran off with a gang of unsavory characters. Spend a little time at the Carp Café. It’s a friendly little place, populated by White’s sharply drawn, good hearted but slightly-off characters. Doris, the proprietress, will ply you with home-baked wonders. Have a fire-fighter martini or two at The End Zone. Get a forty-dollar parking ticket. Stay over at Nancy’s Place, if you’re too tipsy to drive home. There’s an ocean view from every room where you can enjoy a six-pack sunset, almost as beautiful as a tequila sunrise. You’ll be glad you came. You might even decide to stay. White’s novella is as good as it gets. —Marty Malin, author of Grandmother’s Devil & Other Tempting Tales

JH: What inspired you to write Carp Cafe?

JW: I enjoyed visiting the town, Carpinteria, as a student living in Southern California. Later, I wrote a draft to capture some of the aspects of my experience in corporate life. Then I added the drama of the Thomas Fire to round out the story’s plot.

JH: What one thing do you love most about writing?

JW: The exercise of learning and creating. I’ve always enjoyed storytelling and my academic background is history, which leads me to a fondness for research. Actually, writing is a follow-up passion.

JH: What’s next for you in the way of writing/publishing?

JW: I’m juggling four books. All four have very different developmental timelines, they all happen to be at a similar point in production at this time.

JH: How can readers contact you?


Jim White


Jim is a California-based writer of historical, literary and science fiction. He and his prize-winning poet wife enjoy a small-town lifestyle near the San Francisco Bay area. Jim earned an MA in U.S. History. His professional career has included military service, teaching, research librarian and technical writing. Jim is an active participant in his community’s literary organization, serving as a board member in a local nonprofit publishing business, hosting prose workshops and mentoring writers. Jim’s stories have appeared in Datura Literary Journal, The Wapshott Press, Remington Review, and Adelaide Books.

JH: Thanks, Jim! What an intriguing combination of ideas to combine into one book. Love it! Please, please come back to update us on future publications!

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