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Welcome, Lynn!

JH: What’s the blurb for your book Leisha’s Song?

LS: Leisha is determined to find her beloved boarding school vocal coach who has disappeared in the midst of preparing her prize students for a major competition. Cody, a sensitive cellist, insists on helping her. Sparks fly, clues multiply, and romance blossoms, despite the disapproval of their families. Leisha’s desire to be with Cody and pursue music rather than medicine puts her on a direct collision course with her African American grandfather, the only parent she’s ever known. But an even more imm4ediate threat looms– because as Leisha draws closer to the truth about her teacher’s disappearance, she puts her own life in grave danger.

JH: What inspired you to write Leisha’s Song?

LS: While standing in line in New York’s Port Authority waiting to board a bus to Connecticut, I overheard a conversation between a teenager and her grandmother. It became apparent that the granddaughter was being shipped off to boarding school, and she did not want to go. The grandmother said, “This is your shot at a better life. You are smart. You earned this scholarship, and you are going!” That got me thinking about what it would be like to be a gifted young woman of color at an elite boarding school populated primarily by wealthy white students. Leisha’s character is also partially inspired by a roommate I had one summer when we were doing volunteer work in Atlanta. A music major at Howard University, she was an aspiring opera singer. Listening to her practice gave me chills! She truly had a voice from God, as does my character Leisha.

JH: What one thing do you love most about writing?

LS: I most love immersing myself in the lives of my characters.

JH: What’s next for you in the way of writing/publishing?

LS: My fourth coming-of-age romantic mystery, DEADLY SETUP, comes out on July 5. Samantha (Sam), the daughter of a New England heiress, goes on trial for the murder of her mother’s fiancé. She fights to prove her innocence with the help of her boyfriend’s dad, an ex-homicide cop.
JH: DEADLY SETUP sounds great. Please come back and tell us about it.
Thanks for dropping by, Lynn! Your books sound wonderful! 
All good things,
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