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OK Now What? by Nancy Taylor Robson

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Welcome to Books By My Friends, Nancy! We love fiction, but it’s nice to have a nonfiction title in the BBMF mix today.

JH: What’s the blurb for your book?

NTR: Great book. Well Done!! “OK Now What?” is the perfect gift for a friend caring for a terminally ill loved one. Such care can be painful, deeply sad and very lonely. The authors know this and more. Drawing on their deep experience, they help to lift the burden with practical advice, common sense, and lovely stories. They leaven the soul and make it clear that you are not alone. I recommend it wholeheartedly. ~Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.

JH: What inspired you to write OK Now What? A Caregiver’s Guide to What Matters?

NTR: My mother-in-law, with whom I had had a checkered relationship, was nearing the end of her life when I met RN and hospice nurse, Sue Collins. Sue and I immediately hit it off, and began talking about the keen feelings when a loved one is nearing the end and what part we might have to play in that journey. She and I began talking about how, with both stories and with practical knowledge and experience, we might help others to make that journey with less stress and more consciousness of the openness, the strength and the gifts that each of us can bring to it.

JH: What one thing do you love most about writing?

NTR: I love diving into the work itself, immersing myself in the phrases, and distilling the ideas to, I hope, make the total the best I can make it and help someone else see the world, feel an emotion, be motivated by an idea they might not otherwise encounter.

JH: What’s next for you in the way of writing/publishing?

NTR: I’m working on an essay collection — gardening and life — culled from the many essays I’ve had published in House Beautiful, The Baltimore Sun, The Christian Science Monitor and others. I’m also editing a collection of short stories by Sophie Kerr finalist, Pete Fortenbaugh, to be published by Head to Wind Publishing, whose novella, The Monday After Father’s Day, Revelations, A Parable, HTW published last year.

JH: How can readers contact you?


Nancy Taylor Robson


Nancy Taylor Robson is one of the first women in the country to earn a US Coast Guard license to run coastal tugboats. She came to the water naturally. She grew up sailing and building boats with her father on the Chesapeake Bay. She worked as a housepainter, desk clerk and yacht maintenance person while in college. After earning a degree in history from University of Maryland, she married and went to work alongside her husband as cook/deckhand on an 85-foot tugboat built during WWII. She earned her license while running tugs and barges the length of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, including one two-month stretch on a supply boat in the Gulf of Mexico’s Campeche oil fields. Her first book, Woman in The Wheelhouse (Tidewater Publishers) is a memoir of the six years she worked at sea until the birth of her first child.

Her second book, Course of the Waterman (River City Publishing), the novel of a young Eastern Shore waterman, won the Fred Bonnie award in 2003 and a bronze award from ForeWord for Novel of The Year in 2004. Her third book, second novel, A Love Like No Other: Abigail and John Adams, A Modern Love Story, (Head to Wind Publishing) takes readers into the lives of the new nation’s strong-willed second First Lady and her stubborn, irascible, often-absent and adored husband. Her fourth book, OK Now What? A Caregiver’s Guide to What Matters (Head to Wind Publishing) was written in collaboration with Sue Collins, RN, and longtime hospice nurse.

In addition to the books, Robson has been a freelance writer for many years. She has written personal essays, features, maritime reporting and analysis, travel, garden and more for such places as The Washington Post, Yachting, House Beautiful, The Baltimore Sun, the Christian Science Monitor, Southern Living, Sailing, Woodenboat and more. For three years, she was the senior editor of The Chestertown Spy, for which she also wrote weekly garden and food columns. She is also a University of Maryland Master Gardener, who grows and cans the family’s fruits and vegetables and blogs occasionally for the university’s Grow It Eat It blog. She writes, sails, races sailboats (occasionally), walks the husky, and cooks for family and friends.

JH: Thanks for stopping by today, Nancy. I can see a great need being serviced by your book. Please come back and tell us about some of your other publications soon.

All good things,


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