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The Potrero Complex by Amy L. Bernstein

Welcome to Books By My Friends, Amy! Thanks for dropping in for a chat about your new release The Potrero Complex.

JH: What’s the blurb for your book?

AB: A battle-scarred journalist confronts dark, authoritarian forces while racing to uncover the shocking truth behind a missing teen in a small town running short on hope.

JH: What inspired you to write The Potrero Complex?

AB: I began writing The Potrero Complex very early in the pandemic. I felt that we were living through a bit moment in history, and I wanted to capture something about it using an expansive, fictional lens.

JH: What one thing do you love most about writing?

AB: I love discovering connections and themes in a book I’m writing that I had not intended to create. The serendipity of creative surprise–it’s wonderful.

JH: What’s next for you in the way of writing/publishing?

AB: I’m in the difficult stages of mapping a complex novel full of intersecting stories. I don’t know why I’m torturing myself with this nearly impossible task. But anyway, I write across multiple genres, and I expect that will continue.

JH: How can readers get in touch with you?


Amy L. Bernstein


Amy L. Bernstein writes stories that let readers feel while making them think. Her novels include The Potrero Complex, The Nighthawkers, Dreams of Song Times, and Fran, The Second Time Around. Amy is an award-winning journalist, speechwriter, playwright, and certified nonfiction book coach. When not glued to a screen, she loves listening to jazz and classical music, drinking wine with friends, and exploring Baltimore’s glorious neighborhoods, which inspire her fiction.

JH: Thanks again, Amy. Please come back and let us know how the book mapping turns out and when that book will be available.

All good things,