Friday Feast: Books that changed my life week

EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE (1996) by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney not only changed my nutritional habits, it changed the direction of the feasting by my family and those around me. Every chance I get, I testify to the satisfying differences we’ve experienced by choosing foods based on the work of Dr. D’Adamo and his father. Their studies, quirky as it may sound at the onset; definitely make a difference in how someone feels when they eat based on their blood type. Dr. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney has provided relief for thousands of people including me from the worries of weight gain and disease. Simply following the food lists provided takes the burden off of what to eat, and I no longer worry if what I’m eating is right for me. This food program has supported me and my family for thirteen years and we have no intention of going backwards with our health. Thanks to the “blood type diet”, we all feel better and better every day.


“As the human race moved around and was forced to adapt its diet to changing conditions, the new diet provoked adaptations in the digestive tract and immune system necessary for it to first survive and later thrive in each new habitat. There changes are reflected in the development of the blood types, which appear to have arrived at critical junctures of human development:


 1.The ascent of humans to the top of the food chain (evolution of Type O to its fullest expression).

2.The change from hunter-gatherer to a more domesticated agrarian lifestyle (appearance of Type A).

3.The merging and migration of the races from the African homeland to Europe, Asia, and the America (development of Type B).

4.The modern intermingling of disparate groups (the arrival of Type AB).” (EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney.)




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