“Journaling, exercising, nutrition, relaxing and other hints are helpful to aid you in your journey to your own success.  Not only writing but any artistic and creative path you may choose.  A very useful tool that should be in any library to help you destress and focus on your health and creativity.”

–Wendy Hines
MindingSpot blog

“As a former psychotherapist, I believe in the value of creativity that feeds the human spirit and engages the mind and the emotions. I’ve long believed that creativity is a human need and results in joy and wholeness. Joy Held has given us a book that will not only benefit writers, but anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and tap into the depths of their creative spirit.”

–Linda Rettstatt, Author of Next Time I’m Gonna Dance
One Woman’s Write blog

“Even if you are not interested in being a writer, this book has many tips for health and wellness that every person can use. There are various journaling exercises to do some self- exploration along with tips for nutrition and a detailed chapter on yoga and simple exercises that can be adapted to most people. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in writing or even those beginning a journey of self-discovery or wellness. Being well is more that the absence of being sick. I found the book to be extremely motivating in an encouraging and supportive fashion.”

Wheels Have Eyes blog

“Writer Wellness changed my life. Yes, that’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Going through this program forced me to address parts of my life in need of change. The result? I’m happier, healthier, and much more productive. Years later, I still relay on the exercises and journaling methods presented in this book. Thank you, Joy.”

–Sandy Tritt, CEO
Inspiration for Writers, Inc.

“I’ve been a professional writer for more than 20 years. Joy Held’s book offers practical advice, stress-busting exercises, and creativity-sparking ideas for the writer. Actually, any creative person benefits from the information in this book, whether you’re just beginning as an artist or have long traveled the artist’s journey.

Journaling, gentle exercise, yoga, solid nutrition tips, and timely hints help ensure your creative life achieves successful goals. I wish this book had been around when I began my writer’s journey–it would have saved me much head-banging (not to mention plaster repair expenses) over the years.”

–Amy Shojai, CABC, author of 23 nonfiction pet care titles

“Being a professional author is an exercise in multitasking to the extreme without losing our mind. Joy’s book is a must-have for any person who wants to do this job for a living. In order for creativity to flow, we writers need to relax. The single greatest enemy of a writer is stress. Stress can crater our confidence, wreck our ability to focus, and give us writer’s block that dynamite can’t bust. Joy gives some great ways to decompress and be a happier, healthier and more productive writer. Love this book.”

–Kristen Lamb

“We never really discuss the health of the author when we talk about writing. But it’s a key component. This book gives you ways to relax, to stay fit, and use all of that to enhance creativity. I found it a very worthwhile Kindle read.”

–Bob Mayer

“Held’s `Writer Wellness’ advises those “creative” types how to embrace creativity that can flourish through a healthy, strategic lifestyle. Everyone is busy. This book is perfect at establishing the importance of balance through journaling, relaxation, exercise and nutrition.
Held does a great job of getting writers, and really all creative types, to understand and use the different aspects of their lives. When in balance, they can create a better writing career and overall better health.
`Writer Wellness’ is best read while following the helpful exercises. This book doesn’t just instruct, but instills a sense of change that will make anyone in a creative driven industry a more effective professional and person. I thought that it was a beneficial read that not only informs you of writer wellness but also gives you the tool to make wellness happen in your life.”

–Natalie C. Markey

“Writer Wellness” helped me look at the writer’s life from a new perspective. As much as I love being a writer, it sometimes becomes all-consuming and – at times – keeps me too much inside my own head. Joy Held’s approach to the writing life is holistic and balanced, focusing first on the condition of the writer’s mind, body and spirit through physical and mental relaxation, exercise and health. The result is not only better writing, but also better well-being. The idea that writers must be tortured and afflicted souls is cast out the door as Ms. Held’s book unfolds, and it’s nice to know we all don’t have to be Hemingways or Fitzgeralds to be great writers.”

–Tori Martinez

“Be well, write well.”