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In 1951, Pulitzer prize-winning novelist John Steinbeck “warmed-up his writing arm” with a letter to his editor each day before working on the novel East of Eden. Those letters were later published in a book titled Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters. Crime novelist Sue Grafton (“A” is for Alibi) kept a journal for every book she wrote that included ideas, positive self-talk, and more to help her stay on track. Author Anne Lamott has written two memoirs that are formatted like journals, and Virginia Woolf’s diaries examined what it was like to be a female author in the world of writing and publishing during the 1930s and 40s. It’s refreshing and renewing to read the journals of published authors and recognize some of our own struggles in the pages of those who forged successful careers before us. We’ll look at the journals of the authors mentioned and explore what we can learn from them and how we can emulate some of their personal writing habits to support our own lives and work. Each lesson will include examples of journal entries narrative lesson on a particular aspect of journaling for writers an activity for you to try discussion questions for deep learning.


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Lesson 1-Learning from the Masters: John Steinbeck’s Journals

Lesson 2-Learning from the Masters: Sue Grafton

Lesson 3-Learning from the Masters: Virginia Woolf

Lesson 4-Learning from the Masters: Anne Lamott

Lesson 5-Found Journals

Wrap-up: The Answer to a Supposedly Empty Mind tools for inspiration beyond the blank page and a pen.

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