Wednesday Workout: Rembering to Exercise


There are five primary areas of practice to the Writer Wellness plan. Every other week I will post an idea for relaxation (Monday Meditation,) creative play (Tuesday Tickle,) fitness and exercise (Wednesday Workout,) journaling and misc. (Thursday Thought,) and nutrition (Friday Feast.)

Yes, there are days so packed with whatever we can actually forget to exercise. Here are some tips for working exercise into your schedule so a day never goes by and, “D@^n, I didn’t exercise!”

1.Mini-exercise breaks: there are “teachable moments” in school and there are “exercise breaks” in your day. Right this minute, take a deep breath in and out five times in a row while raising your arms overhead as you inhale and lowering them as you exhale. I’ll wait…

That was an “exercise break” and it probably took only one minute. Do that ten times a day at your desk and you have accomplished ten minutes of exercise. Change up the movement daily. Tomorrow stand up and march in place or do knee lifts for a minute ten times during the day.

2.Actually find ten minutes when you can leave the desk or situation and take a walk. Getting outdoors for those ten minutes increases the benefits in many ways. Two ten minute walks a day is twenty minutes of exercise. Please don’t talk on the phone while walking.

3.Keep a stress ball on your desk and in the car. While the Internet is doing its typical spoiled brat routine or you’re sitting at a stop light, squeeze the stress ball ten times in each hand as many times as you can. Make a quick mark on your desk pad of how many squeezes you have (wait, that didn’t sound good,) of how many repetitions you’ve done. Repeat until you have 100 squishes recorded for the day. Carpal tunnel folks squeeze the ball slowly and try it palms up and palms down to see what works best for you.

Combine all these ideas on days when the schedule is really packed and at the end of the day you can successfully check off your workout for the day.

How do you squeeze in exercise on the really busy days?

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Be well, write well.