Every yoga pose is a profound teacher. After years of practicing and teaching yoga and meditation, it’s a daunting chore to pick one favorite pose because I am keenly aware of the subtleties and micro-practices inherent in each asana. However, with its many challenges, effects on perspective, and demands on concentration, headstand is my favorite yoga pose.

The first reason headstand finds its way into my practice is the respect it demands from me. Core strength, breath awareness, spinal alignment, and laser mental focus combine for a successful headstand. Of all the balance poses, headstand requires wholistic stamina and physical control and rewards me with a new understanding of what equity means in my corporal and spiritual senses.

The lesson in humility is the second reason I like headstand. Because of how it changes my perspective, headstand insists that I appreciate a different view of myself, the world, and others. The pose teaches me perspective through attention to detail then laughs when my mind wanders. My body follows my wayward focus, and gravity pulls me into its palm. And I fold like an ocean wave finally reaching the sand.

Lastly, I like headstand because of the determination it encourages. Every headstand offers me the opportunity to approach the edge of my comfort zone then accepts my decision to either step over the boundary or back away from the question. I take this education from my mat into the world where I set healthy boundaries with self-love and courage.

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